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thank you visiting Your Superfoods!
We WANT TO make healthy eating easier.

thank you visiting us! We WANT TO makE healthy eating easier.

we’ve created a product with the nutritional power
of fresh produce and the convenience of supplements.

Our mixes have the power of fresh produce & the convenience of supplements.

Hi, I’m Kristel! I would love to tell you a bit more about myself and why I decided to start Your Superfoods. I am one of the founders of Your Superfoods, a total health geek, yoga teacher and travel lover.

There were 3 main events during my childhood that really made me into the person I am today:

  • I struggled with eczema and allergies since I was a baby (more about that later)
  • I played tennis at a professional level
  • My mom and boyfriend got cancer

These events made me increasingly more curious about the power of healthy food. I started researching how and why people get cancer and how it could be prevented. I learned firsthand that eating healthy food before and after tennis practice increased my energy levels and sped up my recovery. I also noticed the severity of my eczema depended directly on what I ate.

About 5 years ago, I started using and learning more about superfoods: ‘Natural ingredients that are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, plant protein and have additional health benefits’.

I bought all of these the loose bags with several different superfoods: maca, wheatgrass, barley grass, chia seeds, spirulina, lucuma, flax seeds... you name it.

Yes, (1) my cabinet was a mess, (2) I was scooping/experimenting every morning like a mad person, and (3) most importantly, I HAD NO IDEA what to use together to achieve the best results.

I called up my Aunt Ellen, a certified orthomolecular nutritionist and asked her about a million questions. I knew she could help me because she knows everything about: The impact of certain foods (on a molecular level) to the body What vitamins and minerals the body needs on a daily basis

After months of continued research, I learned a life-changing amount of invaluable information and also figured out that there were many others with the same problems as me. I created 7 unique superfood mixes (each a different blend of ingredients with its own specific health benefits) to add daily to your breakfast to make it EASY to start your day with enough natural vitamins and minerals.

Eating a daily dose of nutrient-dense superfoods is what gives me constant energy, keeps my immune system strong and my eczema away!

I love being part of your journey. Nothing makes me more excited to show people like you that healthy living is not that complicated (small changes make all the difference)!

That’s my story, I’m curious to hear what got YOU on this healthy path… I would love it if you write me at kristel@yoursuperfoods.eu. Let’s do this together!

Hi, I’m Michael! I’m the other founder of Your Superfoods. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and the reason I started Your Superfoods.

I was and I am still am super passionate about sports and having an active lifestyle. Growing up as an athlete and playing professional sports (tennis) from early on, I felt invincible. However, that dramatically changed when I got diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24 - just 4 years ago actually. I realized that although I can not control everything in my crazy busy life, I can control what I eat and how I fuel my body!

While recovering and trying rebuilding my immune system and strength, I realized how powerful it is to fuel your body with a healthy whole food diet. The more I felt the positive effects on my own body, the more I saw how many people were struggling to eat healthy on a daily basis. And it didn't stop there, I researched further and found out that a healthy diet can even prevent major diseases like cancer and diabetes. At the same time, I was shocked how little my friends and family know about this.

I made it my personal mission to educate and inspire people to fuel their body with the best natural whole foods. Good nutrition should be available for everybody!

During my recovery, I came across Superfoods since I was looking for ways to naturally strengthen my body. To be honest, the first time I came across Superfoods, I was actually not really sure why they were called super and what to do with them. All I knew was that there were quite a few of them and it seemed very complicated. However, my perception changed entirely whenever I added a few, Maca and Wheatgrass for example, to my breakfast. I felt energized and totally refreshed. Researching Superfoods (I like to get to the bottom of things :) it turned out that Superfoods were nothing new. They have been used for hundreds of years by local communities at their origin as natural medicine, e.g. as anti-inflammatories, antibiotics or to strengthen the immune system - I am still amazed to this day on how powerful nature and natural ingredients are.

Feeling the effect of Superfoods firsthand on my myself, made me want to let more people benefit from the power of natural ingredients, so we decided to start Your Superfoods…. And the rest you already heard from Kristel :)....

That’s my story, but I’m curious to hear what brought you here! You can always send me an email at michael@yoursuperfoods.de if you have any questions or would like to share your journey with me!

100% Transparency

We source all of our ingredients directly, know where they come from and try to have a positive impact on the local communities in the origin of the ingredients. All of our ingredients are tested by third party labs to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Giving Back 1:1

For every mix sold, we donate one packet of life-saving food to children suffering from severe acute malnutrition through our partnership with Action Against Hunger. This makes our superfoods even more super! Together we can change the world – join us now!



Kristel - Founder

Plant-Based Health Geek, Travel Lover & Yoga Teacher

Michael - Founder

Sports Fanatic, World Traveler & Muscle Power Fan

Philipp - Supply Chain Manager

Sourcing Guru, Handstand Expert & Power Matcha Latte Master

Meredith - Art Director

Pantone-Obsessed Photographer, Travel Nut & Typography Nerd

Patricia - Content Marketing

Vegan Foodie, Recipe Master and Chocolate Lover Addict

Hannah - Marketing & Customer Service

Adopted Berliner, Hummus Fiend & Art History Buff

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